Music Samples

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Music Samples

Here are a couple of samples of songs from the six CDs I've released (Mostly Pop, Rock, and Punk Rock)

I'll be adding a new page of Orchestra compositions and cues soon!




Indie Rock, Pop Rock, Punk Rock Samples

'B-O-R-I-N-G is a Indie Rock, Pop Rock, Punk Rock song

Upbeat, Fun, Dissing Bad Behavior, Revenge, Sarcasm, Break Up, Relationship

Winner in the Rock Category of the Great American Song Contest 

'I Like You! (Reimagined) - high energy punk rock track!

Upbeat, punk, Ala: Green Day, Linkin Park

A song about self love and self esteem, positive

'I Like You! (XOX)'

Uptempo, Pop Hip Hop, Hip Hop, Trap, Underground Pop, Indie Hip Hop

Ala: Gwen Stefani, Macklemore, Avril Lavigne, Pink

A song about self love, love, like, self esteem, positive

'You're Boring (Better Lost Than Found)'

Ala: Gwen Stefani, Pink, Lorde, Oukast

A midtempo Pop Hip Hop/Trap song about relationships, Humor, Sarcasm, Standing Up for Yourself, Dissing bad behavior, 

Break up song, Funny, Revenge

Instrumental Music

Will Be Updating Soon!




Enjoy Listening!